L'alba Irradia L'inutile Parola

by En Plein Air

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The Silent Ballet - Score 7.5/10
Fresh from the land of popes and Neil on Impression comes En Plein Air, a young act hoping to make a name for itself on a brand-new label, Fluttery Records. This four-track, 23-minute EP should establish them fairly quickly; it melds the professional guitar settings of the aforementioned group to the modern classical influences of Strangers Die Every Day, 3epkano and 417.3 in seemingly effortless fashion. The elevation of violin and cello to the position of equals with the other instruments is what sets this band apart; far too many other bands have treated these instruments as guest stars, failing to incorporate their vitality. While a handful of other guitar-based post-rock bands have honored string instruments in their compositional settings, this crossover field remains small, and guests are always welcome.

Once again a noteworthy group from Rome! […] The En Plein Air […] Their first piece is entirely instrumental. Intense and sincere. […] Soundtrack atmosphere. Bass to the fore and tune chiseled by a wonderful violin; unpredictable drums and clever in standing out at the right moment; guitars ready to back in the most emotional moments. Listeners are taken into a voyage of multiple moods. It prevails, however, a melancholic and nostalgic atmosphere […] L’alba irradia l’inutile parola (The dawn irradiates the useless word) shows at the same time technical skills and inspired intensity. It strikes for the perfect amalgamation among the various instruments. A very young band, but yet of high value. Curtain call! Bis!

Renounce to a packet of cigarettes and buy this CD.
Listen to it at evening. No word. And when you think that the night, this night, began with dawn (you will understand), you’ll be who knows where, rocked by a music which still today I can’t explain and define to my friends.
But trust me.
If you trust me, you’ll find it is worthwhile to listen to it.

[…] L’alba irradia l’inutile parola (The dawn irradiates the useless word) is an ever pulsating and exciting musical trip. Brave, insofar it doesn’t need words. Listen in silence: the music will irradiate you as a spring dawn.

“Istrumental is better”. This is the program of the Rome quintet[…] The result reminds various influences which the band doesn’t hide: Mogway, Pink Floyd, Sigur Ros, Goodspeed You! Black Emperor not to mention a certain jazz and classic approach which gives elegants to the tunes (or I would better say pieces). A suggestive cd which joins indie rock and ambience music, classicity and experimentation.

Just four pieces. But of immediate purity and sensibility […] Dreaming acustic woofs, pending between floydian sourness and whispering echoes of Mogway for a instrumentally clean CD. Crystal-clear and full-bodied. With sinth and violin which give elegance, even when guitars and drums plunge fast […] magic and draging. Enchanting with its exasperated beauty and its obsessive vitality.

I don’t know what music these musicians listen to most, but a lot of post-rock must have been divoured. […] In this musical gender, so keen to petrification in conventional cliché, the real challenge is to be original […] There are new ideas which can be the signs of a promising growth […] Their unpredictability resolutely and elegantly themes catches the ears of the unprepared listener.

[…] Emotional and fascinating. […] Listener is unable to track the inspiration of the tune. Melancholic, oniric, harrowing, nostalgic, emotional, beautiful! […]

[…] L’alba irradia l’inutile parola is their first record. The violin give its four tracks a romantic and melancholic atmosphere. […] Irrelevant is the absence of a voice. The length of the pieces (never longer than 6 minutes) makes them entirely enjoyble.

[…] Looking at the ep, one realises their passion […]L’alba irradia l’inutile parola has a wondetful graphic […] The ep is a 23 minutes trip, where it is easy to get lost in the musical landscapes and in the multiple emotions suggested by the music, which becomes the personal soundtrack of the listener […] Each instrument is protagonist […] Elegant and wonderful visiting card for the En Plein Air. Looking forward the first full-length.

[…] Listener is struck by the dialogue between the instruments. Guitars and violin dance together, while drums and synth accurately give the sense of rhythm.

Imagine the silence, the emptiness, the threadbare pages of the old poetry book .You have been forced to study at school, having nobody who taught you to love the beauty and the mistery. Imagine Eugenio Montale sitting in front of you, reading his best lyrics […] Imagine a new music invading the air and whispering to your soul. Six instruments, no voice. Listen to them.

[…] Four instrumental pieces, whose titles are the four words of the Ep title. A mix of indie rock, folk, soundtrack. Protagonists are Giovanni Federici’s guitar and Marzia Ricciardi’s violin. Good pieces, soft and emotional tunes and a couple of post-rock electric discharge.

The HolyHour.it
The En Plein Air have been included without reserve in the post-rock cauldron. But it is questionable if post-rock is something definite. […] The En Plein Air displays a rich stylistic catalogue, where different characteristics are mixed.

[…] It is time now to listen to music. Just music and silence. L’alba irradia l’inutile parola is a painting board with four reddish stains. 23 minutes of high sound purely “nowords” decisely good. […] The music sings, the soul grows rich. An ambitious project, visionary and reflexive […]

The essence of this young group is very clear. Listeners are taken beyond all labels […] The old art of music is focused to excite, to delight, to bring back memories and dreams. […] Listeners are enchanted. The breath is suspended on the guitars arpeggios […], the ambient purity of the keyboards, the nostalgic strenght of a violin which sweetens the rhythm of drums, sometimes nervous sometimes mild.

Harrowing melodies played by violin and synth, oniric and delicate intaglios of crystalline guitars: a musical-visual-narrative trance with multiple roots. Difficult to define and repugnant to an easy categorization between post-rock and soundtrack.

Via Cassia
The group comes from Rome and their name is "En Plein Air". Specialized reviews mentions them as one of the most promising groups in Italy. Their music is strictly instrumental […]. Canonical intrument of rock are used in an unconventional manner […] their sound is contaminated with electronic inserts, ambient atmospheres, strings jazz accents . [...] En Plein Air succeded in captivating the audience, which listened to them in a significant silence.


released February 1, 2009



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En Plein Air Roma, Italy

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